Yet Another Untimely Death

From the unique and beloved John Barnstead posting on alt.callahans.

Pernicious the Musquodoboit Harbour Farm Cat is sad to submit the following news item from the latest issue of the “You Dork Times”:

Paris (AP): The entire city turned out this afternoon to mark the passing of that great entertainer, Marcel Morceaux, who met his untimely end three days ago when his shirt-sleeve was caught in a bread-slicing machine at the little boulangerie near the Moulin Rouge, where he had been performing nightly. The brave but disconsolate widow was much comforted by the wise words of the Mayor as he presented her with the frayed red-and-white-striped bit of cloth that was all that remained of the remains:

“You will get over it, Madame Morceaux. It is only — a tatter of mime…”

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