Where Were You?

Now that the Ayatollahs run Iran, many of us probably do not remember when the former ruler was the Shah of Iran. The word “Shaw” means King and the word for the First-Born-Male-Prince and Heir-To-The-Throne is “Shan”. The recent Shaw was a very powerful ruler, but there was some question about the Heir’s potential. In fact, the young man was a fine young man in all respects, but one. He was an epileptic and occasionally prone to seizures. This was not incapacitating and could be controlled by medicines given by a personal physician who was to be with the boy at all times. On one sad occasion, however, the physician had to heed the call of nature, and was absent for nearly fifteen minutes. When he returned, he found that the boy had suffered a massive seizure. As the physician was led off to be beheaded, he heard these fatal words ringing in his ears, “And where were you when the fit hit the Shan?”

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