Volleyball on the Sands

Herein we report a recent pun cascade on P.U.N.Y.

Right now the U.S. Volleyball team is playing on TV. It is a pleasure to watch these daughters and sons of the beach.

Alan C

Opening this note was a net loss to me; a real dis-service.

Lowrie Beacham

Son of a beech…is that something like an acorn?

Cyn Mac

Watching women’s beach volleyball is a real thrill. No if’s sands or butts!

Gary Hallock

Rumor has it that next year, there’ll be a new beach volleyball sport.? To recreate the original Olympics, where men competed in the nude, there will be guys playing beach volleyball?sans clothing.? Assuming it’s so, what’s the difference between a well-dressed member of a minority religion in India and a man playing nude beach basketball???

One is a dandy Sikh and the other is a sandy dick.

Charles W,

Would Harriett Beecher Stowe’s brother have been known as a son of Beecher?

Just wondering,

Bob Levi

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