Translational Difficulties

By Alan B. Combs

I have always felt that being a little hard of hearing enhances the creation of puns. My wife indicates that this is happening more and more these days, but I digress. There also can be cross-language mistakes that can lead to misunderstandings. Indeed, my niece from Honduras is applying to a four-year university and I am a sponsor. She is going into nursing, a field with great potential as a helpful occupation with job security.

In consequence I have been pushing her to apply for scholarships and student loans. I think the chances are good to get these, but we hit the wall the other day. They almost want copies of my DNA and that of each and all of my relatives, but that wasn’t the problem.

The last thing they asked her was for me to supply a paste-up. I didn’t have a clue about what they wanted. I have been having her deal with the paperwork and hassle, so I had her call back and ask exactly what it was that they needed. The confirmed to her that they wanted a paste-up, and that I would know what that was. Still not a clue. Frustrated, I had her call again, and took the phone.

Yes, as you may have figured out, they wanted a pay stub. I did know what that was.

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