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The Window Displays — Loel Graber 2003 Punoff Entry

Category: Rated G, Shaggy Dogs

According to Stan Kegel, this was the only true shaggy dog entered this year.

A young man walked to work each day past a certain gift shop.

He loved to look in the display windows of the shop because the proprietor would change the display every day. The proprietor loved to create very intricate and beautiful displays — perhaps an array of crystals casting rainbows or a miniature tea set arranged on a set of miniature dining room furniture. He would put out arrangements of teddy bears in lovely frocks and wearing embroidered caps.

One day the young man walking on the street overheard the giftshop proprietor arguing with his wife. “Your constant changing of the window displays is driving us to the poor house”, she said. “You must stop spending so much money and time on arranging the displays.”

The proprietor was distraught. It was a compulsion for him, but he had to stop. In desperation he grabbed the mop bucket which he was using to clean the floor and ran out into the street.

He thrust the bucket into the hands of the startled young man and said,

“Pour it on me boy, so that I can’t renew the frou-frou.”

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