The Story of the Missing Foam

This is by Tony Chandler. Thanks.

An American tourist was visiting London when he heard of a pub called the Pig and Whistle where a special kind of beer, famous for its foamy head, was served. He just had to see this and went to the Pig and Whistle. He walked up to the bar and ordered a tankard of ale. To his delight, it came with a glistening head of foamy bubbles at least six inches high.

On the bar were bowls of snacks: crackers, baby cucumbers, pickled onions, peanuts and so on. Idly he picked up a baby cucumber and dropped into the tankard. Immediately, the head surged up to a height of nine inches. He was delighted with this display and tried another cucumber and another…

After the sixth cucumber, the foam disappeared instantly leaving unappetizing, flat beer and nothing he could do would bring back the froth.

This is simple tale, simply told by a simple person, you may think. But No! there is much to be learned from this tale, a lesson which will help you cope with life’s mysteries:

Too many cukes spoil the froth.

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