The Night Before Halloween

This was posted on the groaners listserv. I fits with all the other Night Before Christmas parodies.

(Author Unknown)

‘Twas the night before Halloween
and all through the crypt
EVERY creature was stirring
(except one bat who got gypped).

The monsters had gathered
to plan and prepare,
for the trick-or-treaters
who soon would be there.

Mummies unraveled and put on new wraps.
Spiders found corners and spun silky traps.
Count Dracula grinned and slicked back his hair.
Frankenstein’s bride cried, “I’ve nothing to wear!”

“Hurry up!” said a ghoul who started to yawn.
“There’s so much to do before bedtime at dawn.”
So the witches brewed up a magical potion
which set every monster and goblin in motion.

They blew up balloons, and hung streamers and lights,
and decorated till the wee hours of night.
Meanwhile the children were tucked in their beds
while visions of candy corn danced in their heads.

And when the awoke, it was Halloween Day.
There was bobbing for apples and rides in the hay.
There were costume parties, and games to be played;
Cupcakes and candy and, of course, a parade!

After dinner was served and the kids were done eating,
it was finally time to go trick-or-treating!
Moms re-painted faces, and straightened clown hats,
put wings back on fairies, angels and bats.

Jack-o-Lanterns were set out on porches with care.
Their grins seemed to say, “Knock if you dare.”
Gypsies and pirates and zombies in rags,
grabbed their bright flashlights and trick-or-treat bags.

They walked down each lane, avenue and street,
rang every doorbell and yelled, “Trick-or-Treat!”
But just when the children thought they were done,
the princess piped up, “We’ve forgotten just one!”

So they walked to the house at the top of the hill,
which gave all the kids a spine-tingling thrill.
They stood on the porch and were ready to knock,
when the heard heavy footsteps, and a turn of the lock.

When what to their curious eyes should loom,
but a wicked old witch holding a broom.
Her cape-how it shimmered! Her face-oh, how scary!
Her hat was so pointy, it frightened the fairy!

The wicked witch said, “Welcome. We have a surprise.”
And the children yelled, “Run! It’s not a disguise!
“The monsters were sad when the kids ran away.
They wanted the children to come in and play.

The wicked witch said, “We can have our own fun!
Come on, little monsters, the night’s just begun!”
The monsters all cheered as they danced with delight,
“Happy Halloween to all…and to all a fright’s night!”

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