The New Job

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A man walked into a temporary agency looking for some work.

“Here, fill these forms out and bring them back to me when you’re done,” the office administrator said.

The man finished the forms and brought them back to the administrator. “Very good,” she said as she looked them over. “We actually have a job for you,” she added. “It just came in. It’s at the library.”

“Great,” the man said. “When can I start?”

“Tomorrow,” the administrator replied. “Here’s the number of the contact person. Call and arrange a time.”

“Thank you,” the man said. He took the info and left.

He showed up at the library the next day. The shift was from 9:00 AM to at 3:00 PM. Afterward, the man headed back to the temporary agency.

“So how did it go?” the administrator asked.

“Not all that great,” the man said. “Can you find someone to replace me? I’d like something else.”

“What didn’t you like?” the administrator asked.

The man answered, “They put me in the periodicals department. I can’t stand working with the people there. They’re dealing with so many issues!”

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