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The Inevitable

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The announcement of the acquisition of Palm by HP reminded my friend Paul Groepler of this old tale.

An outgoing Russian premier is asked by the incoming premier for time to spend in order to ‘pick his brain’ about his skill at running the country for so long.

The outgoing premier agrees to a meeting and when the incoming premier shows up, simply hands him two envelopes numbered: 1 and 2.

He tells the incoming premier…open these in order, in case of emergency…this is all you need to know.

The incoming premier says ‘hmmm, okay’. And begins his rule.

Some months later, a large scandal looms and the politburo is under siege from the unruly peasants.

In desparation the premier opens the first envelope (the one numbered 1) and it says…”Blame your predecessor”.

He goes on TV and roils against the ex-Premier, and all is again well.

Some time later, another huge scandal breaks, and after trying everything he can think of, the premier finally, in desperation opens the second envelope…the one numbered 2…

It simply says: “write two envelopes”.

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