The Concrete Contractor

It’s hard to top punmeister Gary Hallock when he creates these short shaggies. Here’s another.

A homeowner decided to have his sunken entrance foyer remodeled to be more user friendly. He had the contractor pour 8 inches of concrete to bring the level of this floor up to match the rest of the house.

All seemed well until the first guest came to his door and pressed the bell. What had formerly been a pleasant chime was now an oddly muffled clunky thudding sound. Apparently the contractor had failed to notice that the chiming mechanism was hidden beneath the entrance step and it was now buried under 8 inches of concrete.

Upon entering, the man’s guest marveled over the nice new floor and asked the distressed homeowner what contractor had done the job. “Oh, it’s just a guy I found in the yellow pages. He’s okay I guess but I’m kind of frustrated because he seems to have buried my door bell under the concrete and now I can barely hear it.”

“Well,” replied his friend. “That’s a hardly ringing indoor cement.”

Howell Gwin responded:

What do you call a lift-truck driver in a cement factory?

A mortar-forker.

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