The Computer Class

This was posted on the groaners listserv, of course.

There was a young student who had included a course on computer operation in his curriculum the coming year. Autumn rolled around sooner than he expected, and he found himself enrolled in the computer class.

“Now, class,” his teacher said, “We will address the simple matter of booting up today. Then getting into Windows, and a program for what you intend to do. Word for typing, Lotus for accounting, and so forth as the year continues.”

The kids were anxious to learn about a new realm of media. The teacher then said, “Class, I want you all to obtain a new mouse to use for the course this year. How many of you already have gotten a new mouse?”

All the students except a few raised their hands. The teacher said, “Next time you report for class, I want you to have a new mouse. Understand?”

Monday, five of the six students showed up with a brand new mouse, still wrapped. But Jason said, “Mom told me just to bring this mouse from home.”

The teacher replied, “Now, Jason, that was nice of your Mom. But she should know that you can’t teach an old mouse new clicks.”

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