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The Aardvark

Category: Limericks, Pun Cascade, Rated G

A cascade from the limericks_n_haiku listserv with certain of the usual
suspects participating.

The Aardvark eats no leafy plants
No mushrooms and no succulents
Under bark his tongue
Gets vitamins among
A diet full of new tree ants

Guy Ben-Moshe


That’s aardvark but maybe you knew it
Eating ants, Oh dear me! I’d eschew it
I’d taste other critters
Who scampers and skitters
Termite be some reason to do it


The Aardvark loves his insect snack
To find the mound, he follows their track
Munching away,
Legs and antennae
Tickle as he chugs them back.

An Aardvark who knew geography
Went down to the Bay of Compeche
That’s in Mexico!
He craved, don’t you know,
Cucarachas en tamale, gee!

Guy Ben-Moshe

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