Tarzan's Tripes Forever, and Other Feghoots

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  • Warning to Golfers (filed in Adult Theme, Puns on December 28, 2004)
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  • Aesop’s Poodle (filed in Rated G on December 26, 2004)
  • In Praise of Lance (filed in Puns, Rated G on November 20, 2004)
  • Phoney Sects (filed in P.U.N.Y. listserv, Rated G on May 22, 2004)
  • Dancing Pirates (filed in Rated G on January 25, 2004)
  • Caught in a Kosher Pickle (filed in Rated G on )
  • Starring Auntie Em as the Good Witch, Glinda (filed in P.U.N.Y. listserv, Pun Cascade, Puns, Rated G on )