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A PUNY Thanksgiving Dictionary

A seasonal offering from the PUNY listserv.

A yam: First person singular present of “to be” as in, “A yam very happy that everyone was able to be here tonight” (Cynthia MacGregor)

Breast: The part of the bird little kids love to ask for because they’re getting away with saying one of “those” words without getting punished for it (Cynthia MacGregor)

Brussels Sprouts: Das Kindergartners (in my best fractured pseudoFlemish) (Bob Dvorak)

Candied Yams: Descartes telling it like it is… … Read the rest...

Groaners Featuring Birds

This pun cascade appeared on PUNY a couple of yeas ago.

A guy bought a pair of parrots and decided to go into the parrot breeding business. He didn’t think much of the fact that both birds were named Polly, but unfortunately both birds were actually female. Thus his plans for parrot breeding hit a snag until he got the idea of cloning them. After many months of work he was eventually able to produce a half dozen fertilized eggs. … Read the rest...