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Almost Human

This Feghoot is based on the character invented by Reginald Bretnor. It was posted by Dave Coble. The author is unknown.

The first expedition to Alpha Centauri had finally returned. The leader of the expedition, Captain Feghoot, was making his report to his superior.

“So, Feghoot, did you find any indigenous life?”

“Yes sir. Intelligent life, in fact. And what’s more, they were almost completely identical to humans, except for one thing.”

“Almost? What do you mean?”

“Well sir, they … Read the rest...

Bank Street Advisor

This is from Dave Coble. It was posted on the groaners listserv.

A prominent Wall Street tycoon, Carmine Intervocalic, wants to hire an M.I.T. computer science graduate student to program the ultimate financial advisor expert system. It turns out that M.I.T. is too expensive, so instead, Carmine hires an undergraduate in applied math from the University of California at Hollywood. After months of programming and millions of dollars of research, the programming is finally done, and Carmine proudly calls up … Read the rest...

The English Paper

This is from Dave Coble and was published on the Groaners listserv.

To conclude the course’s segment on science fiction, the teacher assigned the class a paper on any topic they wished having to do with science fiction. The next week, after the papers had been turned in, the professor was grading them and came across this paper:

There once was an Israeli border guard named Isaac. Across the border from Isaac, Abdul, an Arab border guard, had his post. … Read the rest...