Suitors Losing Their Head?

By Alan B. Combs with a topper by Howell Gwinn.

Kings are not a happy lot, generally. “Heavy hangs the head that wears the crown,” it is said. This is especially true if the king is a father of a voluptuous and eligible daughter, one so desirable that suitors are overcome by the temptation of her presence.

It happened over and over again with one royal family. Untenable suitors would make come onto his daughter and make unwelcome advances.

Eventually, the king placed his best longswordsman to guard over the princess. Inevitably, the latest visitor would step out of line, the sword would be drawn, and the ill-fated suitor would be summarily decapitated. In the royal circles, this became known as heading them off at the pass.

And presumably, if the suitors were kidnapped and sold as slaves to others as they left the rest-room, that would be passing them off at the head……..howell

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