Special Thursday Punster Warm-Up

From Pun-Off guru Gary Hallock:

It has been brought to my attention that some punsters actually DO have a social life and may not have every Friday evening free. Tough as this is for me to believe, I’m going to take this leap of faith and call the bluff of those who have been using this excuse to avoid me.

This week’s FRIDAY PUNSTER WARM-UP will be held on…THURSDAY – MAY 5 –
6:30 – 10pm – OPAL DIVINE’S FREEHOUSE – 700 W. 6th St. – Downtown Austin.

This lively pub/grill is in the heart of Austin’s entertainment district and has a very nice private space upstairs for us to gather and gab. Bring your A-game and come spar with some of your potential rivals. Of course if you’re the spectator type, you can just come and sit back and enjoy the pun and games.

As the weeks are winding down toward May 21, this will be the pun-ultimate opportunity for you to get in that weakly practice session you so desperately need. Now don’t complain to me later that you weren’t prepared or warned. Several of the usual gang will be there to egg you on, so I’m hopeful you’ll be inspired to make a showing. Don’t do it for me, do it for yourself! Punning is NOT a solitary activity so let’s get on wit it.

Beast twitches,

Gary Hallock – Pun-Off producer/emcee

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