Punslingers (2013 Pun-Off) Results

The second half of the annual O. Henry Pun-Off World Championships is Punslingers, a head-to-head battle of puns in a single elimination format. Thirty-two competitors are narrowed down to one with varying topics.

Here are the results, with the topics in parentheses.

Round One

Mark Eells defeats Scott Seay (Space Travel)
Ben Zeik defeats Brian Agler (Toys)
Jerzy Gwiazdowski defeats Satya Manz (Candy, no Desserts)
Gracie Deegan defeats Andrew Johnson (Metal)
Andy Balinsky defeats Sean De Tore (Photography)
Diana Gruber defeats Bill Crider (Disney)
Tom Fagan defeats Paul Barclay (World War II)
Dav Wallace defeats Tracy Swartz (Bread)
Lucas Anderson defeats Sam “Shammers” Hammersly (Mythology)
Alex Petri defeats James Yonts (Headwear)
Craig Kotfas defeats Mike Kelly (Chemistry)
Jay Rosenberg defeats Rachel Belle (Flowers)
Miriam Benor defeats Pete Reid (Geology)
Chris Preis defeats Brendan O’Grady (Hair, no Products)
Marcus Davis defeats Noah Smith (Glassware)
Matt Pollock defeats Bob Kinney (Olympics)

Round Two

Ben Ziek defeats Mark Eells (Handwriting Instruments)
Gracie Deegan defeats Jerzy Gwiazdowski (Desserts, no Candy)
Andy Balinsky defeats Diana Gruber (Exercise)
Dav Wallace defeats Tom Fagan (Magic & Illusions)
Alex Petri defeats Lucas Anderson (Currency & Coins)
Craig Kotfas defeats Jay Rosenberg (Power Tools)
Chris Preis defeats Miriam Benor (Fruits & Vegetables)
Matt Pollock defeats Marcus Davis (Archeology)

Round Three

Ben Ziek defeats Gracie Deegan (Famous Vehicles)
Dav Wallace defeats Andy Balinsky (Theatre)
Alex Petri defeats Craig Kotfas (Religion)
Matt Pollock defeats Chris Preis (Tubes)

Round Four

Ben Ziek defeats Dav Wallace (Celebrity Questions)
Matt Pollock defeats Alex Petri (Diseases)

Round Five

Ben Ziek defeats Matt Pollock (Insects & Bugs)

1st Place: Ben Ziek
2nd Place Matt Pollock
Third Place (tie): Dav Wallace and Alex Petri

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