Puns in the Comics I

From various newspaper cartoons; some are pretty good puns.

One recent cartoon featured an outer space john where no man had gone before.

Another featured disappointed mosquitos after a vampire had finished its meal.

Consider a medieval cathedral with many ramparts and flying buttresses — in God they trussed.

An angel in Groucho mustache and glasses is a blessing in disguise.

An elephant tickling the ivories.

A child chastising the dog for doing it on the sidewalk rather than the grass, “Get a lawn, little doggie.”

Edible fowl participating in a revolution are in a chicken coup.

Ordering from a book with crystal balls and other such equipment, the seers’ catalog.

When the beauty salon suddenly closed, things really got ugly.

The Acme Fan Company was located next to the Goodlawn manure fertilizer company. Sooner or later a tornado would come along. It was bound to happen.

The conversation between Jack and the can of garbanzos could be described as Jack and the beans talk.

Asking the Grim Reaper how he’s doing — just taking life one day at a time.

There’s a new show about inactive retired people — American Idle.

The old defibrillator was defective, but this one has a lifetime guarantee.

Surprise tests are a pain in the class.

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