Tarzan's Tripes Forever, and Other Feghoots

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Restaurant Changes

Category: Rated G

“What do you mean we can’t go to that restaurant for dinner tonight?”

“Well, they’ve closed it for redecorating.”

“Why is that?”

“Well, it used to have this over-sentimental decor, until the new owners bought the place and redid it. But people began staying away in droves so the new owners are–”

“Oh, no.”

“Yep, they’re re-maudlin.”… Read the rest...

Native American Classic

Category: Rated G

This is another of the old ones. A version can be found in Himie Koshevoy’s “Treasure Jest of Best Puns.”

The chief of a poor Native American tribe, where there were no paved roads, no electricity, and no indoor plumbing, scrimped and saved and finally was able to send his eldest son to college. The lad did well, working hard for four years and finally graduating with a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering.

Arriving home after graduation, the boy was … Read the rest...

Feghoot With Flowers

Category: Original Feghoots, Rated G

Far off in another galaxy was a planet inhabited only by walking, talking flowers. The king, a red carnation, had fallen in love with a common daisy. Unfortunately, she was far below his station, and in addition to having a rather spotty reputation, she posessed an equally spotty education. It was clear she would never fit in with royalty.

The king’s ministers suggested that the only way he could possibly marry this lovely young daisy was to educate her in … Read the rest...

Desert Nomads

Category: Rated G

This is a story about certain Arabic desert nomads. These are the Bedouins, and the great hazards that accompany their love lives. In fact, when Bedouins get jilted, they suffer intense heartache.… Read the rest...

Western Motif

Category: Rated G

By Alan B. Combs. Stan Kegel asked me to expand a snippet I wrote many moons ago. Thus, the following.

The wild and wooly west was replete with adventure and potential riches. Magical artifacts were reputed to be abundant and highly sought after. One little town, La Poema, near the Superstition Mountains became famous for a particular enchanted pebble that they made available for viewing in the public library.

The locals particularly appreciated the sight of strangers touching the stone … Read the rest...

Strange Tourist (FEGHOOT VIII)

Category: Original Feghoots, Rated G

This is by Reginald Bretnor writing under the pen name Grendel Briarton.

There was a great deal of ignorant opposition on Earth to Ferdinand Feghoot’s Galactic Concordat of 2133, which made interstellar tourism universally possible.

Fortunately, Feghoot was present when the first tourist landed in Old Sanfran Cisco, right where a new office building was being constructed. The tourist was a striped, felinoid being from a planet called Mrrr-ow; except for his long double tail he looked like an overweight … Read the rest...

Chinese Acrobat

Category: Rated G

Finally for this episode, we must consider the young acrobat who immigrated to this country from on of the Northern provinces in mainland China. He had a very difficult time finding a job because acrobats were in very small demand. He did, finally, find a good job with a traveling circus. He was able to use his acrobatic skills in his act which consisted of being shot from a large gun into a net on the other side of the … Read the rest...

Where Were You?

Category: Rated PG-13

Now that the Ayatollahs run Iran, many of us probably do not remember when the former ruler was the Shah of Iran. The word “Shaw” means King and the word for the First-Born-Male-Prince and Heir-To-The-Throne is “Shan”. The recent Shaw was a very powerful ruler, but there was some question about the Heir’s potential. In fact, the young man was a fine young man in all respects, but one. He was an epileptic and occasionally prone to seizures. This was … Read the rest...

Once Upon a Time

Category: Rated G

The author is unknown, but this story can be widely found all over the internet.

Whince upun a thyme, there was a man who married in his youth the most perfect woman for him. She was beautiful, charming, witty, independent, sexy and she loved her husband dearly. It caused him the utmost grief when she died not long after their marriage, and he mourned her for many years.

In time he overcame his grief and married again, but this woman … Read the rest...

Another Actual Shaggy Dog

Category: Rated G, Shaggy Dogs

Finally, there was the three-legged shaggy dog that ambled into the bar one night. The patrons would not have paid much attention, except that the dog had a very serious look on his face and he was armed with a six shooter.

The bartender said, “This is a peaceful establishment. What are you doing in here with that gun?”

The dog replied, “I’m looking for the man that shot my paw!”… Read the rest...