Ordeal of Sir Galahad

This was posted by Stan Kegel on the groaners listserv.

When knighthood was in flower and power and young gallants wassailed around King Arthur’s round table, it was their wont to keep in practice by rescuing damsels from dragons and other beasts, human or otherwise.

When they has saved all the maidens worth saving, they went to seek other adventures such as heading east to find the Holy Grail.

Of all the incredible tales now told of those days, none can match the appalling episode endured By Sir Galahad. His trying experience took place in a land far from fair Albion where cannibals roamed the country.

When the natives spied the White Knight, agleam with armor and long flashing sword, they fell upon him with zest for he was the first tinned food they had ever experienced. But they had no can opener. Try as they might they could not get to the highly prized meat encapsulated within.

Disgusted with themselves, they threw him to the village dogs who were also foiled in trying to dig the delicacy from its metallic coat.

Finally the ranking witch doctor was called in to study the problem.

He looked the situation over and then shaking his spear and waiving his feathers, pronounced, “This ain’t a knight fit for man or beast.”

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  1. Chris Cole

     /  May 5, 2011

    When the White Knight’s cousin in Prague was similarly attacked, the leaders of the attacking band demanded an explanation from their subordinates of why their tasty fare was not yet ready for consumption.

    The answer was destined for immortality — “Just be patient, the Czech’s in the mail!”

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