One O’Clock Shaggy

Dave Wallace reworked on oldie but goodie. “Just for fun,” as he said.

Here is a little-known fact:

One of the most famous musicians of the Big Band era had three spinster sisters, who were avid baseball fans. As the Count toured across country, he would treat the three sisters to tickets for what ever game was in town. This could have been because he genuinely loved his sisters, or it might have been related to the fact that they liked to drink. They liked a little Jack. Black Label Jack, in fact.

So, here we are in Kansas City. The girls carried in a bottle (those were the days before fans were subjected to searches). They settled in the best seats in the field (first row behind home plate, but a little to the side of the catcher) and enjoyed a snog or two or three and so on.

Soon they realize that the bottle is almost gone and the game has more innings to go.

Question: At that point, what is happening in the game?

Bottom of the fifth and the Basies are loaded.

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