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My Brother Pete and I

Category: Puns, Rated G

This is by Jim Macaulay. Thank you.

Everybody who knows my family knows that I always have looked up to my older brother, Pete. In fact, when I got married, my wife and I moved to Ashtabula, where my older brother lived with his wife and family. I spent as much time with Pete as our work and family obligations would allow, playing golf, watching sporting events, and having occasional joint family picnics. In fact, our two families also attended the same church service each Sunday.

One fateful week, not long ago, our church burned to the ground. There was not a stone left standing. As Pete and I surveyed the destroyed property, I began to pace back and forth across the property, trying to come to grips with this tragedy. Pete, on the other hand, simply dropped to his knees and began to pray for this hallowed ground.

As two friends passed by, watching me pace and Pete pray, one turned to me and asked, “What is going on there?”

I replied, “As you can see, I walk on the ground he worships.”

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