Making His Mark

By Alan B. Combs with help from Chris Cole.

An ancient Persian prophet traveled about the civilized world, converting as much of it as he could to his peculiar brand of monotheism. He did this partly by force of persuasion, but mostly by force of arms. If his words should not happen to convince, zip, out would come the sword, bringing about a most pointed and speedy conversion.

The prophet would then carve his initial, “Z” on a nearby wall, leaving it as a permanent reminder of the convert’s religious epiphany. This entered into the local folklore and there even was a movie made about it, “The Mark of Zoroaster”.

Chris Cole remembers:

I remember the old Zorro series — every so often Sgt. Garcia would have a “Z” carved upon his ample stomach.

Perhaps this gay young blade’s name refers to a different part of the anatomy upon which he made his “initial” and final statement!

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