Lost in Virginia

Bob Dvorak is always good for a nice little pun. Here’s another.

Halfway down the Blue Ridge Parkway, Sybil decided she really didn’t know where she was, or how far it was to her motel, or how to get there. Plan ahead!

Anyway, she exited when she saw the Sunoco sign poking over the trees, pulled into the convenience-store-cum- gas-station and asked the attendant for directions. “I can sell you a map,” replied the cashier.

“What kind of map?” asked Sybil.

“Well, for four bucks I have a simple highway map of Virginia. Or, for only $5.95, I can sell you this other map. This map’ll show you all the highways. This map’ll show you all the facilities at every exit. This map’ll practically drive your car for you. How d’you like them map’ll’s?

Chris Cole tells us:

After all them “map’lls” I imagine the poor lass was simply be cider self….

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