In Dentured

By Cynthia MacGregor who wrote it for Stan Kegel and Rich Lederer — who requested puns based on ad jingles.

Two Arab friends were so poor they shared a single set of dentures between them. And one Arab, Abreuk by name, was so generous that often, even when it was his turn to possess the dentures, he would let his friend Ahmed keep the false teeth in his mouth. “For what matters it,” ruminated Abreuk, “when there is so little food to eat anyhow?”

But one day an American fast food emporium came to their town, began to construct a storefront, and hired on all the able-bodied local men to construct the storefront. Of course Abreuk and Ahmed were among those who showed up for work.

They were pleased to hear that part of their pay would be in vouchers for the fast-food storefront’s products, and when the day came that the store opened, they were near the head of the line.

“I can barely wait,” said Ahmed.

“Me neither…and by the way, it’s my turn,” said Abreuk, grabbing the dentures right out of Ahmed’s mouth and clamping them into his own oral orifice. Then he chortled, “You, teeth, serve Abreuk today!”

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