Elevator Problem (An Adult Limerick Cascade)

The following is a limerick cascade from the limericks and haiku listserv.

A problem seems always to hound us.
In the elevator, there to confound us.
So, how can this be?
It’s not me, you see!
Just why does that flatus surround us?

Alan B. Combs

You’ve clearly not run out of gas.
My nose knows the difference, alas.
I won’t make a comment.
I’ll try not to vomit.
I guess that I’ll just let it pass.

Cyn MacGregor

Young ladies ready to come out
May turn up their noses and pout.
They say: ‘it’s not fair
For we are Deb on air
When the rules of passage men do flout.’

Joseph Harris

Whether you are lad or lass
When pressure builds up in your ass
Don’t make rude noise
No one enjoys
The sound effects this toot will pass

In days of old, remember that
If sound came from where women sat
As ladies pass
Dudes were not crass
A gentleman would tip his hat


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