Disease Resistant

By Alan B. Combs. A nice, gentle offering went south as a PUNY cascade.

An unpopular, overly-studious, socially inept young fellow nevertheless did have one thing going for him. He never seemed to get colds or infections no matter what infectious microorganism was going around. He became the subject of several medical studies, therefore.

After much investigation, it was concluded that most pathogens had a very hard time finding their way around in the dork.

If some of those pathogens find each other, there may be dancing in the dork.


There is a report of such a meeting, in which the famous question: ‘who are you?’ got the response ‘Basil, I’. Bit wet, wasn’t it? Must have been the Royal ‘We’.

His parents were very limited and when some of his brothers turned up later they responded, ‘Basil, us’, which, in an odd kind of way, was rather singular.

Part of their training games in the nursery, are dorkters and nurses, very handy for the air born.

Joseph Harris

If there really is such a thing as a “path o’ gin” I’m sure it would inspire Cynthia to take a little stroll. It would Dewar’s some good.

Gary Hallock

also might make her a bit jiggery, but that’s just a shot in the dork

Norm S

You’d better scotch any plans to have me switch drinks.

Cyn (Macgregor)

Sound’s like we’re getting mixed messages from Cyn. In these last dog days of the summer. We should invite her to drop her pants and come over to the dork side of the moon.

Gary Hallock (Feeling cheeky)

Better mixed messages than mixed drinks – nobody’s gonna despoil my scotch! My drinking will never go a-rye. It goes against my grain. And I have 86 proof of that.


This high IQ bacterium joined the CIA [actually he was an MI5 plant, disguised as a bacterium] and volunteered to infiltrate other organismations wearing a mike. After all the usual training the agent spore the oath of allegiance and, pretending to have royal blood in him, responded to the question ‘are you ready?’ with ‘virus up’.

(Really he was Jewish too, but no one knew. C’m on now, who’s going to circumcise a microorganism? And his parents were cautious anyway. They had converted to Christianity and knew the saying ‘Be sure foreskins will find you out’.)

He was treading the traditional route of the secret agents’ search for information, known in the trade as the Path o’ Gen.

Joseph Harris

Wasn’t there a TV show called Dork and Dindy?

Alex (Ramirez)

Wasn’t there a Biblical reference to a lot of profanity by a nerd?

Dork cuss?


I think he used to get mad and throw things, hence the phrase, “Threw a glass dorkly.”

Norm S

And Chris Caillout asked, “Do you think they’ll make a dorkumentary about it?”

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