Couch PUNtatoes (Couch PUNtatoes? It makes me quail.)

This is by Alan B. Combs

Exercise and entertainment. Entertainment and exercise. We need both, but usually these things are mutually incompatible. Exercising is not fun and entertainment turns me even more into a couch potato.

This problem is not restricted to my own experience, however. Other people have dealt with the problem and the solution varies from one person to another. For example, some close friends were involved in Korean marital (no, no, martial — typing is so *critical*) arts — something they did strictly for the entertainment. And for exercise, they took up old-fashioned square dancing, an alemanding activity that can run one to exhaustion over an evening’s time.

As might be expected, the time constraints on their lives did not allow these friends to pursue their favorite excercise and entertainments to the fullest extent possible — until I stepped in, that is. The solution, of course was to combine their love of Korean martial arts and square dancing into one unified activity, the Tae Kwan Do-si-do.

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