China Redux

This was a recent cascade on PUNY.

My former graduate student says that each time she visits Beijing or Shanghai, it always seems that she’s been there before. I think it’s a clear case of Asia vu.

Alan B. Combs

In his declining years our recently deceased Republican president daily attempted to regain bits of his memory by watching videotapes of his trip to China. Yogi Berra noted that it seemed like Asia vu all over Reagan.


I’ve had to go back to my Dr. for the second time because I got that asia flu all over again..

Marie in AR

I had the same problem. He suggested I start practicing yogi.

Bob Dvorak

I had an Oriental lover once. But I soon stopped seeing him. Every time we made love, an hour later I was horny again.

(OK it’s not a pun, just a joke that occurred to me several years ago, but I like it, so Sioux me.)

Cynthia MacGregor

Cyn, I hope you didn’t get disoriented.

Jim Ertner

That reminds me of my old story about riding on the Disorient Express. You go to India, pack Istanbul to travel to Turkey but an hour later you’re in Hungary again.


you complained about the train, so it was Dis-orient Express. Did you see dis or Dat Nguyen? [if you don’t get Dat, he’s on the ball]

Deann Alford

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