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How About a Cold One?

The following was a recent pun cascade posted on PUNY.

Well, since my “Mulligan Man” pun didn’t hook any fish, here’s another go:

What do you call an Eskimo prostitute?

Nanookie of the north!



I’d call it “The World’s Coldest Profession” :)



Does that make her a Frostitute?



Or a lady of the six-month night?



When she’s hot she’s hot, and when she’s cold……she’s still hot.

I heard that the Eskimo prostitute … Read the rest...

PUN gent story: In shy knees…

This is a very recent pun cascade started by Liquor on alt.callahans.

Liquor wanders in. He’s been seeing a lot of Mark Allread for quite a while now but can’t resist a chance to tell pungent tales again.

“I suppose I should start by describing Mark. This is a man who’s never worn shorts in his life, because he is abslotely certain that his knees are the knobbliest things ever, and that people would run in disgust if he were … Read the rest...


This was posted by Blessing (AKA Linda Wilkinson) on alt.callahans. It started a cascade of punish responses that I can only describe as going downhill from there.

Long ago, as most stories start, there was a king who was adept at the art of politics. The monarchy was a game he played well even to the point of being a little bloodthirsty. He governed many large territories, and as a result his court was full of emissaries and ambassadors. Truth … Read the rest...

Shaggy Underwear

This little gem was produced by Gary Hallock in the course of a pun cascade in P.U.N.Y. If any of you would like to get on the listserv for these punsters, let me know, and I will give you the sign-on instruction.

The Wonderbra company devised a model for flat chested women who want to look like they’re concealing Wabash Cannon balls. They call it the “Roy A-Cup.”… Read the rest...