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2021 Punniest of Show

The virtual competition in Punniest of Show for the 44th Annual O. Henry Pun-Off World Championship was the weekend.

The results where:

  1. Robin Roper
  2. Katy Stevens
  3. Martha Louise

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2021 Punslinger Winners

The 44th O. Henry Pun-Off was virtual again this year. This weekend, the 2021 Punslingers competition was held.


The winner was Nikolai Vanyo, who defeated Arun Debray in the final. The runners up were Aaron Lipp and Manny Marshall.… Read the rest...

The O.Henry Pun-Off is back “ON!” – Tongues of puns linger

  • Like all cherished things in this covid-crazy world, the O.Henry Museum’s famous free, family friendly celebration of the wit-in-word will take place virtually in cyberspace this year. With an awesome live cast of lively wits and tortured tongues, the online audience will be treated to all the linguistic twists, dramatic turns, and surprise endings they’ve groan to love. Expect to witness wacky word butchers and voracious verbivores from around the globe, all worming their way into your ears. Tongues of
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2020 Punniest of Show Results

The 43rd O.Henry Museum Pun-Off World Championships went virtual in the time of coronavirus. Videos were submitted by contestants and voted on by the public. The winners were:

1st – Jonah Spear
2nd – Gabriela Pedroza
3rd – Sara Bennett

The winning entries, as well as all entries, can be viewed at… Read the rest...

2019 Punniest of Show Results

The winners have been declared for Punniest of Show at the 2019 O. Henry Pun-Off, and Jerzy Gwiazdowski yet again has to find space on his trophy shelf. Sam Corbin was second, and Erica Ettin won a cheer off with Toby Micali-Gwiazdowski for third place.

I’ll have video online in the next few days. … Read the rest...

Punslingers 2018 Results

Here are the final results for Punslingers in the 2018 O.Henry Pun-Off:

1st – Jerzy Gwiazdowski
2nd – Max Parke
3rd – Allison Fisher and Jerry Yan

Congrats to Jerzy for repeating as champion. Look for videos here in the next few days. … Read the rest...

Punniest of Show 2018 Results

Three perfect scores were scored in Punniest of Show at the 2018 O.Henry Pun-Off World Championships. A clap off chose the winner, with third place going to Jerzy Gwiazdowski, second to Marisa Roper, and the win going to Toby Miceli-Gwiazdowski.… Read the rest...

Punniest of Show Complete 2017 Results

Here are the score sheets from Punniest of Show at the 2017 O. Henry Pun-Off. There were six judges, with the highest and lowest score for each contestant being dropped. This left a highest possible score of 40.

Name J1 J2 J3 J4 J5 J6 Total
1 Joshon Sabik 7 8 6 6 6 5 25
2 Jake Morrison 7 7 6 6 8 8 27
3 Kate Memorde 9 8 8 8 9 9 34
4 Emily Parrish 9
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2017 Punslingers Winners

Jerzy Gwiadowski defeated Dav Wallace in the finals of Punslingers at the 2017 O.Henry Pun-Off.

In the semi-finals, Dav beat Matt Pollack, while Jerzy defeated Randell Kirsch.

Look for complete results on this site soon.… Read the rest...

2017 Punniest of Show Winners

Three perfect scores sat atop Punniest of Show at the 2017 O.Henry Pun-Off. Jerzy Gwiazdowski was disqualified for running long, so the top two were determined by applause. After multiple rounds of applause, Southpaw Jones beat out Toby Miceli-Gwiazdowski for the win.

Six scores of 38 were also settled through applause, with third place going to Annika Eagle.

The top three spots are:

1st – Southpaw Jones
2nd – Toby Miceli-Gwiazdowski
3rd – Annica Eagle

I’ll have total results up … Read the rest...

Punslingers 2016 Full Results

Ben Ziek defeated Tim Donnelly in the finals of Punslingers at the 2016 O. Henry Pun-Off World Championships. In the semi-finals round, Donnelly beat Toby Miceli-Gwiazdowski while Ziek knocked off Jerry Yan.

Here are the total results, including the topic of each competition in paranthesis.

Round One

Chris Sneyd defeated Mallory Culbert (Fast Food)
Ben Ziek defeated Hannah Nelson (Farming & Ranching)
Annica Eagle defeated Cameron Russell (Space Travel)
Peter Rubin defeated Kevin Binswanger (Waterborne Vehicles)
Jordan Gwiazdowski defeated Bob … Read the rest...

Punniest of Show 2016 Results

A three way tie of perfect scores was resolved via audience applause. Michael Kohl riffed on vegetables with a political bent, Jerzy Gwiazdowski punned all the Asian countries, and Southpaw Jones had a show for the birds.

The final ranking was:

3rd – Kohl
2nd – Jones
1st – Gwiazdowski

Update May 9, 2016: Here are all the scores. The highest and lowest scores are knocked out before the total is summed.

# Name 1 2 3 4 5 6
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Results from the 2015 O. Henry Pun-Off

Even in the face of inclement weather, Saturday saw perhaps the largest crowd for an O. Henry Pun-Off World Championships in history. The audience was treated (or subjected) to an epic eight hours of competition.

The video from the competition is being uploaded to YouTube as I type this. Right now, the gating factor is horrible U-verse upload speeds, so it may be a few days until everything is uploaded.

I’ll link to the highlights from here, but you’ll be … Read the rest...

Punniest of Show 2014 Full Results

Here is the complete list of results from yesterday’s Punniest of Show competition during the 2014 O.Henry Pun-Off.

The six judges scored each contestant from 1 to 10. The highest and lowest scores were dropped, with the remaining four scores being totaled to determine the official score.

# Name 1 2 3 4 5 6 Total
1 Marty Bernstein 8 7 8 8 7 8 31
2 Brian Garrison 5 6 6 4 5 6 22
3 Darvy and Jenny
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Punniest of Show 2014 Winners

I’ll have full results later today, and video over the next day or two, but here are the winners of the Punniest of Show at the 2014 O.Henry Pun-Off.

1st – Alex Petri
2nd – Ben Ziek
3rd – Andy Balinsky

All three scored an impressive 39 points (out of a possible 40), and the ordered was determined by audience applause.

Congrats, Alex!… Read the rest...

O.Henry Pun-Off 2014 – Mark Your Calendar

This year’s O.Henry Pun-Off World Championship will be held on May 10th in downtown Austin, Texas. Look for official details to be released soon by your fine punsters at

You can also keep up on Facebook.… Read the rest...

Interview: Ben Ziek

Some major events happened in May of 1997:

  • Donald Trump and Marla Maples announced their separation
  • Eddie Murphy is arrested with transsexual hooker Atisone Seiuli
  • Deep Blue beats Garry Kasparov in a six-game chess match
  • Susan Lucci loses the Daytime Emmy Award for the 17th time

And, Steve Brooks wins both Punslingers and Punniest of Show.

That rarest of pun accomplishments was repeated this year as Ben Ziek wins the two awards at the same O. Henry Pun-Off.

Ben’s Punniest … Read the rest...

Interview: Dav Wallace

Tarzan’s Tripes first interviewed Dav in 2011, after he took second place in Punslingers. Dav won Punslingers last year, but the complexities of my having a then six-month-old kept me from interviewing him.

This year, Dav tied for third place in Punslingers, after falling to eventual winner Ben Ziek in the semi-finals.

He graciously agreed to be interviewed again this year.

Brian: Tarzan’s Tripes interviewed you a couple of years ago after the 2011 Pun-Off. What, if anything, has … Read the rest...

Punniest of Show (2013 Pun-Off) Results

The O. Henry Pun-Off World Championships was held last weekend. The first half of the competition consists of a series of prepared skits.

Thirty-one contestants were scored from 1 to 10 by six judges. The highest and the lowest scores were dropped before summing the total.

Here are the scores:

Contestant Judge 1 Judge 2 Judge 3 Judge 5 Judge 5 Judge 6 Total
Christen DiClaudio 8 6 7 7 7 9 29
Michael Kohl 9 7 7 8 8
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Al Qaeda Disbands — Unnecessary

This poliitical update is from Lowrie B. I think I would like to have the concession for the lemon creme pies to hit our politicos in the face.

WASHINGTON, D.C. —The international terror group known as Al Qaeda announced its dissolution today, saying that “our mission of destroying the American economy is now in the willing and capable hands of the U.S. Congress.”

In an official statement published on the group’s website, the current leader of Al Qaeda said that … Read the rest...

Punniest of Show 2012 Results

Yesterday was the annual O. Henry Pun-Off. My favorite part of the competition is Punniest of Show, where prepared skits are performed and judged.

There were six judges, and the highest and lowest scores were tossed out.

# Contestant Judge 1 Judge 2 Judge 3 Judge 4 Judge 5 Judge 6 Total
1 Joe Pendal 5 6 6 6 6 5 23
2 Kelly Dupen 4 5 3 3 4 3 19
3 Jacob Dodson 8 6 8 9 7
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Punster of the Year 2012 Named

As part of the annual O.Henry Pun-Off, Bob Dvorak has been named Punster of the Year by the International Save the Pun Foundation. Bob is a constant presence on the pun website, and a regular competitor in the Pun-Off.

Congrats, Bob!… Read the rest...

Interview: Andrew Balinsky

Andrew Balinsky is a longtime competitor and volunteer at the O. Henry Pun Off. He finished third in Punniest of Show this year. Given the high level of competition, that’s quite an accomplishment.

Brian: Where are you from? What do you do when you’re not competing in Pun-Off competitions?

Andrew: I was born a Southerner, in Autumn, in March. My parents were World War II refugees that ended up in South Africa. We immigrated to NY City, but I mostly … Read the rest...

Interview: Justin Golbabai

Justin is the second half of the Justin Golbabai-Kelly Dupen team. They came in second in Punniest of Show this year, after winning last year.

I asked them the same questions, although they prepared their answers separately.

Brian: My wife couldn’t make the Pun Off this year, so we watched the videos on Youtube. When watching yours, she immediately asked if I was sure you guys aren’t together. Ok, so what’s the truth?

Justin: Truth is we are good friends … Read the rest...

Interview: Kelly Dupen

Kelly Dupen and Justin Golbabai returned to the Punniest of Show competition to defend their title from last year. Their excellent skit fell one point shy of the top spot, and they took second.

Brian: My wife couldn’t make the Pun Off this year, so we watched the videos on Youtube. When watching yours, she immediately asked if I was sure you guys aren’t together. Ok, so what’s the truth?

Kelly: Despite all appearances to the contrary, Justin and I … Read the rest...