Car Quiz

This is a series of car puns from P.U.N.Y. The usual suspects are identified.

What did the demolition driver do to cars?

He rectum  (Doug Specter)

What did the Indian wrecker truck driver do with cars?  

He totem  (Doug Specter)

What did the CPA do to his car?  

He totaled it (Doug Specter)

What did the mink coat salesman do with cars?  

He stole them (Doug Specter)

What do Polish people do with their cars?  

They polish them (Doug Specter)

What does the bad economy do to car tires?  

Deflates them (Doug Specter)

What do Campbell’s employees do  to their cars?

They soup’em up (Doug Specter)

What did the shoemaker do with cars?  

He soled them (Doug Specter)

What do veterinarians do with their cars?  

They fix them (Doug Specter)

What do Rangers do with their cars?

Park them. (Bob Dvorak)

What do chalk manufacturers do with their cars?  

Erase them. (Bob Dvorak)

What do Ironworkers do with their cars?

Steel them. (Bob Dvorak)

What do sewer workers do with their cars?

Back them up. (Bob Dvorak)

What do Rodeo  champs do with their cars?

Break them. (Bob Dvorak)

What do laundry workers  do with their cars?

Wash  them. (James Ertner)

What do musicians  do with their cars?

Jazz them up. (James Ertner)

What do shipbuilders  do with their cars?

Keel them with  affection. (James Ertner)

What do Tailors  do with their cars?

They seam to  understand them. (Cynthia MacGregor)

What did the NTW president do with old wheel employees? r

Retired them ((Doug Specter))

What do criminal lawyers do with cars?  

They de-fender them. (Bert  Piboin)

What do corporate lawyers do when wanting a new car?

They buy stock cars. (Bert  Piboin)

What are trial lawyers’ favorite pastime in regard to cars?   

They chassis auto accidents. (Bert  Piboin)

What do estate lawyers know best about  cars?  

They are good at steering wills. (Bert  Piboin)

What does every family lawyer insure that is in his car?

Child support seats. (Bert  Piboin)

What do Canadians do with their cars after all the salt they put on the roads has corroded them?

They let ’em rust in pieces (Doug Specter)

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