A Broken Pencil is Pointless

Jim Macaulay submitted this shaggy little guy.

Some years ago, there was a man by the name of Leroy Walter Macaulay, or Lee Wally, as he was known by friends and family, that lived in the mountains of North Carolina, in a clearing just outside of Highlands, North Carolina. He lived in that clearing with his wife, Mary Sue, and his son, Cane. Lee Wally made his living making bootleg liquor, more commonly known as moonshine, in the still of the night, while his wife spent most of her time raising Cane.

Now Lee Wally had a habit that drove everyone to distraction. He carried paper and pencil with him at all times, and he used them to draw aimlessly throughout the day. He drew small designs, circles, squares, zigzag lines, etc. He not only drew when he was relaxing, he also scribbled when he was talking with his neighbors and his family. In short, Lee Wally had a compulsion to draw, and he could not stop.

Now Mary Sue had long since come to terms with Lee Wally’s addiction to scribbling, and the neighbors also had learned to ignore it. Cane, on the other hand, was bothered by his father’s compulsion. It nearly drove him crazy. He just could not stand to watch his pa, Lee Wally, doodle all the day.

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  1. Albert Ervine

     /  November 4, 2014

    It would be stronger to end with “He just could not stand seeing Pa, Lee Wally. doodle all the day.”

    One more pun in the string, and it covers the whole refrain.

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