Some random thoughts by Alan B. Combs.

Realizing it is one of the really dangerous things one can do, I still have always liked motorcycles. Back when I was young and slightly more in my prime, I rode a twin-cylinder Honda. My rule was that I would never ride a bike larger than I could upright if it ever fell over. For various reasons, I have walked away from the beasts, but I still love ‘em.

Next, you should understand a bit of medical terminology, without which the following would not make much sense. That terminology is the technical term for the birth and delivery position, the lithotomy position in which the woman is supine with feet elevated in stirrups.

Having gone through all of that background, it is my firm impression that bikers typically ride in three positions.

First is the head-first position favored by those with racing bikes.

Then, there are those more sedate persons that ride in the upright position.

Finally, but certainly not least are the chopper folks, those that prefer to ride in the lithotomy position.

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