At The Dog Show

This is by Jim Ryan, the new editor of our Capitol Macintosh Group. He assures me that some of the best stories, including this one, are true.

A group of us, exhibitors of bloodhounds, were waiting our turn to enter the ring for judging. One of us was an attractive young lady anxious to show her new hound.

Just before we were called into the ring her hound jumped up and placed his paws on her chest. The unfortunate part was that, unknown to his owner, he had stepped in a dog mess. The result was that there were two quite evident brown spots on her chest. Undaunted she quickly put on a cardigan sweater so as to cover things up and entered the ring along with the rest of us.

As we were standing awaiting the judge, a fellow exhibitor who was next to the unfortunate soul, made several loud sniffing sounds and then uttered,

“Pardon me, but do you happen to have some Grey Poupon?”

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