Art Groupies

This is by Cynthia MacGregor. It is from the PUNY listserv

Teenagers don’t change from one generation to the next. They are always undependable. They are always sex-crazed. And they are always smartalecks.

Take Louise, as a case in point. She lived some time back, but she was no different from a teen of 2004. As she was a teenager of times past, Louise wasn’t a rock music devotee–in fact, her passion was art. Her parents might have been pleased with her taste for culture if not for two facts: 1 – Being a teenager, she had become something of an art groupie…with all that entails. (Yes, I do mean throwing her body at artists she admired.) And 2 – Being a teenager, she always thought she knew more than everyone else and wasn’t afraid to point out their mistakes. (And yes, this even applied to the artists she admired.)

Now, remember what I said about teenagers being undependable? That applied to Louise too. She would tell her mom she was going to a friend’s house…and maybe she even meant it when she said it. But half the time she’d get distracted along the way. Her mother could never be sure where Louise was.

One day Louise told her mom she was going over to her best friend’s house. The mother looked Louise square in the eye, put her hand on her hip, and wearily instructed her daughter, “Go to Jill. Go directly to Jill. Screw not van Gogh. Do not correct two hundred Dalis.”

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