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A Short Megillah

Category: Puns, Rated G

A collaboration between Rose Katz (aka rosecatt) and Alan B. Combs. As of 2010, we haven’t heard from rosecatt for a couple of years. We miss her, indeed.)

Esther and Ruth were sisters rooming together in a nice Jewish resort in the Catskills called the Savoy Vacation Club. The ladies chose it because they got a kick out of the club’s nickname (everyone called it ‘The Oy Vey’ for short) and because there was always a chance that a little excitement would come into their sort of proper, spinsterish lives.

Sometimes after the evening show in the ballroom, after listening to the comedians poke fun at everything under the sun, a guest would fancy himself the new Buddy Hackett and carry on with foolishness far into the night. Oh, the ladies would giggle at these antics, retiring to their little room feeling like they were getting their money’s worth and more!

One evening, a prankster ran down the hallway, banging on a kitchen pot and shouting. And following behind this miscreant, from every door in the hallway like a pull toy following a child were the complaints and exclamations of the inhabitants so rudely awakened.

Esther was particularly sound asleep and did not waken to the original disturbance, but she did to the outcry that followed. Disoriented, she asked Ruth what was going on. The answer came,

“It’s Midnight at the Oy-Vey, Sis!”

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