The Moonshiner

This was posted on the groaners listserv

The origin of this tale appears to be an Irish folksong.

The story starts with a young lady whose primary occupation was brewing and distributing ‘shine. One day, as she transported her product to the black market, she had truck trouble and had to stop by the side of the road. A young man named Tommy was passing by and stopped to help her.

He was unaware of her illegal activities and remained in the dark throughout the course of the growing friendship which ensued. In due course, they even became lovers with him completely unaware of her activities.

One evening, the government raided her place of business and arrested her. Her young lover was with her when she was arrested and suddenly became aware of her past. The officers then transported her to the local county jail where she remained overnight.

Tommy came to visit her in the morning and as he left the sheriff asked him: “I guess this will change your feelings about her, won’t it lad?”

Tommy’s response was quick and emphatic. He turned to the sheriff and simply said: “She may be only a whiskey maker, but I love her still.”

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  1. redactatrix

     /  April 29, 2011

    There seems to be text missing from this story. The first paragraph, maybe?

  2. Alan B. Combs

     /  May 11, 2011

    Sorry it took so long to reply. Thanks for the error alert. I’m not sure where Brian got his original tale, but I have made the posted one coherent.


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