A Dandy Drawing

“Here’s an original, just sort of oozed out of my synapses…” (by Chris Cole)

Osgood Sandoval was a well known local artist — at least in his small town, anyway. The townsfolk all heartily supported this fledgling talent and humored him by often asking him to quickly sketch something for them on the spot. Osgood would smile broadly and grant their requests, bursting with pride as he did so.

Soon his artistic talents were put to use on T-shirts, providing him with a more regular income. Osgood just loved drawing on cloth and soon his scribblings were adorning various garments that people brought to him at “Sandy’s Shirt Emporium”.

On one steamy, hot 4th of July a little boy asked for an “Original Sandoval” as he called it. Well, Osgood was quite flattered at that statement and reached out to draw upon the boy’s T-shirt. The boy protested, fearing his mother might not appreciate the artistic offering. So instead, the boy gave Osgood a new, clean handkerchief and asked him to draw upon that.

Osgood, full of artistic pride and the patriotic spirit of the day, did so, softly singing to himself, “Oh, I’m a hanky-doodling Sandy…”

Perhaps you’ve already guessed what happened next. The little lad took his “Original Sandoval” in his hand and proudly marched out the front door of the store loudly singing at the top of his lungs, “I am a hanky-doodle boy!”

(with appropriate apologies to George M. Cohen)

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