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Punniest of Show Third Place

Here is Michael Kohl’s third place entry in Punniest of Show at the 2016 O. Henry Pun-Off World Championships.

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Punslingers Round 1, 1st Half

If you couldn’t make it out to the Pun-Off last weekend, you can watch it here. We’ll start off with the first half of the first round of the Punslingers competition.

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Sister Cities

This was sent in by Frank Reid.

The residents of the town of Ramsey on the Isle of Man in the UK decided that they would partner (we call them Sister Cities) with the town of Novokutznetsk in Russia. The Manx population was very happy, as were the residents of Novokutznetsk. A large, joint celebration was planned in both towns.

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Punniest of Show 2016 Results

A three way tie of perfect scores was resolved via audience applause. Michael Kohl riffed on vegetables with a political bent, Jerzy Gwiazdowski punned all the Asian countries, and Southpaw Jones had a show for the birds.

The final ranking was:

3rd – Kohl
2nd – Jones
1st – Gwiazdowski

Update May 9, 2016: Here are all the scores. The highest and lowest scores are knocked out before the total is summed.

# Name 1 2 3 4 5 6
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