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Interview: Kelly Dupen

Kelly Dupen and Justin Golbabai returned to the Punniest of Show competition to defend their title from last year. Their excellent skit fell one point shy of the top spot, and they took second.

Brian: My wife couldn’t make the Pun Off this year, so we watched the videos on Youtube. When watching yours, she immediately asked if I was sure you guys aren’t together. Ok, so what’s the truth?

Kelly: Despite all appearances to the contrary, Justin and I … Read the rest...

Interview: Dav Wallace

Yes, he spells his name “Dav”.

When Dav was in high school, there was a history assignment which required them to design and draw an Egyptian pyramid in which we would want to be entombed. His was fairly elaborate with hidden passages, traps, etc., plus a large spinning neon sign that read “DAV” (there was a line over the “A”). It sort of stuck with him, and he uses it as a state name of sorts.

Dav grew up in … Read the rest...

Interview: Jason Epstein

Jason is originally from New York, but spent several years in Austin after graduating from college. He lives in Seattle now, where he works in IT, plays softball, and runs marathons, when not punning.

He’s done some stand-up comedy in the past, and always jumps at the chance to sing karaoke. He believes this helps him feel comfortable with a mic in his hand in front of an audience.

Brian: When did you first become interested in puns?

Jason: At … Read the rest...

Jason Epstein, Punniest of Show Competitor

Jason Epstein competed for Punniest of Show with a series of pun-liners. The judges didn't like it as much as the crowd did, unfortunately.

Interview: Ben Ziek

Benjamin Ziek is good at coming up with puns quickly. Very quickly. In his rookie Pun Off in 2009, he came in 2nd in Punslingers. Then he won in 2010.

He defended his title in 2011.

This is our second interview with Ben. We first interviewed him a year ago, after his 2010 Punslingers win.

Brian: Anything new in the personal life? Have you managed to sell a TV game show yet?

Ben: My friends and I have officially … Read the rest...

Benjamin Ziek, Punniest of Show Competitor

Benjamin Ziek, two time winner of Punslingers, also did very well in Punniest of Show this year. His game-themed skit scored 35 points, good enough for fourth in the competition.

Interview: Gracie Deegan

Gracie Deegan

Gracie Deegan won Punniest of Show at the 2011 O. Henry Pun Off. Not bad for a first attempt! Her skit punned the Middle East.

Gracie was born and raised in Abilene, Texas the “big” city in the “Big Country” out in West Texas. She says it was a pretty mundane town, so word games were a good way to pass time. Her mother, an English teacher, instilled a love of words and reading at an early age.

Brian: … Read the rest...

O. Henry Pun Off Photos

In addition to shooting video at yesterday’s O. Henry Pun Off, I also took some still photos. Here’s a selection.

[nggallery id=1]

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to stay for the second half, so I don’t have any pictures from Punslingers.… Read the rest...

Andrew Balinsky, 3rd Place, Punniest in Show

Andrew Balinksy took third in Punniest in Show with his timely apocalyptic themed skit. Here's the skit:

Kelly Dupen & Justin Golbabai, 2nd Place, Punniest in Show

Justin Golbabai and Kelly Dupen

In 2010, Kelly Dupen and Justin Golbabai won Punniest in Show in the O. Henry Pun Off. They returned to defend their title with another very funny skit. They came up one point shy of the winner, and took second.

Here’s the skit:

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