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Tall Tale – Francis Herkell

This is by Jacob Sommer on alt.callahans.

I used to hang out with a fellah named Francis Herkell. Nice guy. He was pretty smart even if he could be a bit dumb about ladies sometimes. Of course, lots of guys are, but Francis was a bit unusual — he wore more jewelry than Mr. T. He had all sorts – necklaces, chains, all sorts of religious symbols, all in silver. I was curious about it but didn’t really want to … Read the rest...

Avoiding The Hunters

By Alan B. Combs

“We are having severe problems with the hunters, this year”, the rabbits complained. The pheasants agreed and the bob white quailed.

“That’s nothing compared to what happens in deer season”, added the valiant hart while beating through the bushes. “Every time we turn around, someone gets shot. And you can no longer trust the sound of rattling antlers for a good old country fight.”

“We’re becoming decimated and we’re not even edible!” came the traditional lament … Read the rest...

Dune — a Movie Review

This was recently seen on a sig. Short and very sweet.

A reviewer described the original Dune movie as “Full of sand and fury, signifying nothing”.… Read the rest...

Pharmacy Joke

Richard Brewer’s daughter Melanie, a pharmacist, sent this to her her dad. It is seldom that I hear a new one, but I haven’t heard this one before. The author is unknown.

Upon arriving home, a husband was met at the door by his sobbing wife. Tearfully she explained, “It’s the pharmacist. He insulted me terribly this morning on the phone.”

Immediately the husband drove downtown to confront the druggist and demand an apology.

Before he could say more than … Read the rest...

Arthur-it Is

Another self-inflicted tale by Chris Cole.

It seems rather well-known that in King Arthur’s Court the Royal Jester provided the verbal wit and humor. The Court Jester was pretty much free to pop-off whenever he felt like it. When it came to story-telling, however, the King decreed a rather unusual way to announce the daily appearance of the Royal Storyteller. All the King’s courtiers knew a story was about to be presented when out strode the Royal Mime carrying upon … Read the rest...

African Violence

This is by Ted Brett.

A small country in central Africa depended on hunting safaris for its livelihood. The country grew very rich as Americans and Europeans came to the country, and they paid princely fees to hunt in the game-rich country.

However, a new king decided that hunting was a cruel sport, and he immediately outlawed hunting in all forms. The absence of rich hunters from America and Europe began to plague the country in many ways: no money … Read the rest...


This is from Rose Katz []. It’s very clever and a man would never have thought of it.

What a mess I got into while painting my kitchen. I have one of those older homes with all sorts of nooks and crannies, even has a pantry.

Thing is, I wanted to paint the kitchen yellow and the pantry white, and every time I tried to blend the two colors of paint at the doorway, I was disappointed in the results. … Read the rest...

Texas Summer

This is by John Robertson. To properly appreciate it, you must understand that he currently is working on a postdoctoral position in Sweden.

Since I’ve been living abroad, people frequently ask me about the great State of Texas. Much of the time, these individuals want to know whether we all wear cowboy hats and boots, and whether we ride horses for transportation. However, the other day, I was asked what “distinguishes” Texas from other parts of the U.S. Having given … Read the rest...

A Tall Ship Tale #8: A Striking Woman

Thus, continues the wonderful tale by Paul de Anguera.

Francois, architect of the H.M.S. Legume’s GAG levitation apparatus, was in his cabin drafting a new edition of the unloved Brotherhood’s manifesto, which he planned to entitle “The Flying Brothers Carry Mars Off.” But his concentration was broken by a novel and most welcome sound. “A womeeeen’s voice!” he exclaimed. He threw down his pen and hurried out to the deck. Apparently the Brotherhood was not a celibate order!

Emma stood … Read the rest...

Shirley Temple Black

This story is by Harry Farkas.

Shirley Temple Black is back in the public eye with a new biographical movie on television. There is a little-known story the movie won’t be covering.

In 1974 Shirley Temple Black was appointed U.S. Ambassador to Ghana. To celebrate, gala parties were planned at both the Swiss and British embassies. Ambassador Black’s assistants made plans for her to attend both fetes, but the Ambassador made it clear she wanted no part of a two … Read the rest...