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A Dandy Drawing

“Here’s an original, just sort of oozed out of my synapses…” (by Chris Cole)

Osgood Sandoval was a well known local artist — at least in his small town, anyway. The townsfolk all heartily supported this fledgling talent and humored him by often asking him to quickly sketch something for them on the spot. Osgood would smile broadly and grant their requests, bursting with pride as he did so.

Soon his artistic talents were put to use on T-shirts, providing … Read the rest...

Town Festival

This extended pun was published by William Hovey in The Pundit, and was posted on the groaners listserve.

The annual festivity for the town of Hixville was a contest to test skills such as ax sharpening, scepter shining, web weaving, cooking, hair vetch cutting and witches broom sweeping. The perennial winner was Bertram Bodkins. The annual losers were the Amber boys, Aesop, Avril, Jon and Nuff. Each time that Bertie won, his girlfriend Wendy got so excited that she would … Read the rest...

All on a Saturday’s night

This is by Clynch_Varnadore and was posted on the puny list serve.

This being the place for puns, I thought I’d throw a groaner at you. I’ve just finished it and knew I’d need a captive audience. You’re it!!! (Clynch)

In the late 1800s, not wanting to be outdone by American rodeo, an English fellow decided to become a Rodeo star. Not having a horse, or any cattle, he cast about for some way to perform. His vocation was building … Read the rest...