By Alan B. Combs

I am reminded so many bad things start with the phrase, “I am reminded…” Nevertheless, I am reminded of the unfortunate Japanese lad in Yokohoma who was working on a roof. He dropped a tile on his hand, leaving a significant portion of epidermis behind. Then in his excitement, he kicked the ladder down and had to descend very carefully, hand over hand, clinging on to a gutter downpipe. Local wags created a song about this misadventure, “Yokohoma, where the skinned comes creeping down the drain.”

Bob Levi sent the following addendum:

John Lennon’s widow decided to exhibit some extremely erotic, some might even say pornographic, photographs she had taken. The pictures depicted various combinations of naked men and women posed in rather interesting and physically adroit positions. Of course, the photos were mounted (pun intended) in frames, some with matting and all of them covered with non-reflective glass so they would display well. A newspaper headline appeared over a show review the next day that read “Yoko Ono, where the sin comes right behind the pane.”

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