WYE? Because we said so…

This is by K. Thulin and was sent to the P.U.N.Y. list serv. Getting the pun may serve as an additional measure of the number of grey hears on your head.

A little know part of the WYE Accords permits the Palestinians to produce benign biological products which can be marketed throughout the world. The Israelis, always vigilant, insisted that any product made of this biological material be transported in pale red vehicles. Said vehicles are required to be fuelled by watered-down gasoline so as to be easily overtaken and searched. All vehicles in the new new Palestinian State were so required. The Palestinians quickly developed sturdy material made of aggregates of single-celled asexual reproductive units typically associated with plants and fungi. They were further able to mutate these cells so that they produced albino copies of themselves thus lending themselves adaptable to any color the customer could desire. Given the raw material, the Palestinians sought product ideas from several American companies. They favored American Tourister, the famed luggage manufacturer. They entered into a joint venture to produce carry-on luggage made of the newly developed biological material. This was instantly met with Israel’s approval and production began (in Ernest?). In a short time the luggage was a big hit. Highly prized it became known as….

“The WYE Spore Tote from the Ping-Car Nation”.

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