Woes of Dudley Doright

By Alan B. Combs in a common moment of silliness

Many of the punsters in this audience are fans of Rocket J. Squirrel and Bullwinkle Moose. There is great sadness that these programs are no longer regularly shown, except in syndication.

The lack of regular showing of these programs fell particularly hard on Dudley Doright, R.C.M.P. He was out of a job, and he had a woman to woo and horse to feed, or visa versa.

Recently Dudley heard about those six steelworkers from Sheffield, England, who decided to make a living putting on a strip show for the eager ladies of the land. If they could make stripping pay, certainly Dudley could. He was told that if he were to make it work, he would have to give it his ALL and hold nothing back, so to speak.

Dudley’s show opened and, alas, closed in utter failure. No one was impressed, even when he gave them the Fool Mountie.

The following is a limerick version of the same pun. I presented it as part of my entry in the May 2000 O. Henry Punoff.

Dudly Doright, who needed a bounty,
said “I’ll be the best stripper in the county,”
He gave it all he had,
But the outcome was sad
‘Cause nobody liked his Fool Mounty
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