This shaggy dog is from Bob Levi. Thanks. (First try, hmmm?)

A number of years ago, I was returning on a trip with a new friend and start flinging feghoots about. I lamented that I wish I could create one and my friend challenged me to try. Here’s what I came up with —

A university veterinary school applied and received a grant to study the digestive process in cattle as a model for learning more about human digestion. A unique aspect of the project was the implantation of plexiglass windows on both sides of the animals so the process could be viewed and studied more readily. Once the experiments were under way, the researchers noticed that the viewing ports on all of the cattle were becoming cloudy except for the ones on the animal nearest the window. They couldn’t understand the phenomena until someone pointed out the the glass is always cleaner on the sunny side of the meat.

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