Wells Fargo

By Alan B. Combs

Some very bright folks in the history of our country realized that rapid communications would be part of the key to success. The Pony Express, short-lived as it was, showed that horses and organization could move material across the country. Another example was Wells Fargo, an outfit that used the horse-drawn coach to move cargo. A remnant of this fabled history exists in the banking system that still bears the name.

The newly elected architect of a new Western town had the problem of deciding where in town the new theater and the Wells Fargo Depot would be. The architect, being a Thespian, himself, was more partial to the theater and wanted to assure it the best location. Should Wells Fargo go on the hilltop and the theater be placed in the valley, or visa versa? It didn’t take long to determine that Wells Fargo would go below. When asked why he made this choice, he admitted that as an actor he didn’t want to be upstaged.

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