Weakly Punster Friday Warm-Up – April 29, 2011

A Friday in April means it’s time for another Pun-Off warmup. This from Gary:

6:30 – 10pm @ Joe’s Place – 1814 East Martin Luther King Boulevard – Austin, TX

This week the Punster Warm-Up moves to the east side. By special suggestion of Bert Piboin, the longest surviving contestant the Pun-Off has ever seen, our roving troop will be paying a visit to Joe’s Place on MLK @ Chicon

Target gathering time is 6:30 thru 10pm. Joe has good food and usually some live entertainment in the patio on Fridays, so if a small gaggle of competitive punsters aren’t enough to keep you bemused, there may be muses of other sorts.

We’re entering our final few weeks of Friday opportunities here, so please don’t be a stranger. I know there are many of you who are biding your thyme looking for just the right moment to make a showing at one of these gatherings. Well, this may be the week to come and stuff your struts. When the right combination of folks show up, things can get really lively!

(Please stay tuned for a bunch of new important information about Pun-Off related events and activities. From this point on, you must not ignore any messages you receive from me. Most will much more important than this one.)

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